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Official Announcement: Researcher of the Year 2014

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Over the past 12 months, we have recognized our top AOP Researchers through the new Researcher of the Month program – from the 56 winners we’ve highlighted over the past year, we have selected one Researcher who showed the most outstanding participation across the platform. We were pleased to have such a strong group of candidates for the top prize, which made for a challenging selection process.

Today, we are very excited to announce our Researcher of the Year. And the winner is…



Congratulations to Najimuh, our inaugural Researcher of the Year for 2014!
Najimuh will be receiving the $10,000 prize for their achievement.

Researcher of the Month – Overview of Winner Achievements

najimuhOur Researchers of the Month came from fifteen different countries, including Australia, Belgium, China, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Ukraine and the United States – just to name a few! Approximately 30% of our Researchers of the Month were new Researchers who joined the platform in 2014 and quickly began successfully participating on a variety of Studies, including our newer Claims Mapping and AOP Survey opportunities.

On average, the Researchers of the Month had an In-Scope Percentage of 62% and half of their submissions were non-patent literature. Over the course of the year, they participated in about 47 Studies on average, usually submitting about five references per Study. Maintaining a balance between quantity and quality is the key to winning Studies – and Researcher of the Month recognition. It takes active and consistent high-quality participation in different types of Studies to be recognized.

As you aim to become a 2015 Researcher of the Month, keep in mind that the selection process is not focused exclusively on performance statistics, but also examples of Researchers going above and beyond in their AOP work! For instance, some Researchers were rewarded for providing additional reference work to Study Managers when requested, volunteering to continue working on an ExpertSearch Study when provided with new information late in the Study, or even interacting with new Researchers by greeting them on the blog and through social media.

Announcing the Researcher of the Year/Month Program for 2015

To acknowledge the outstanding contributions of our Community this new year, we will continue to recognize our top Researchers through the Researcher of the Month and the Researcher of the Year programs.

Every month, we will honor the Top Researcher of the Month – this winner will receive a $500 Reward. Four runners-up will each receive $50. In addition to the Reward, each of the five Researchers of the Month will receive a special token to be decided by the Community. Vote for your prize choice here!

At the end of 2015, we will select the Researcher of the Year from among the Researchers recognized each month. The Researcher of the Year will receive a $5,000 Reward.

The Researchers of the Month and the Researcher of the Year will be selected based on their Study wins, in-scope percentage, the types and quality of their submissions, and other factors that demonstrate the consistency and quality of their participation in our Studies. The Researchers of the Month will be announced in our blog on the first week of the succeeding month, and the Researcher of the Year will be named in our January 2016 newsletter.

For more updates, please check the AOP Blog and Researcher newsletter. We look forward to recognizing the great accomplishments of the Community this year!



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