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Featured Researcher: Yutaka T.

This month’s Featured Researcher is Yutaka T. from Chiba, Japan. Yutaka is a professional patent researcher with over a decade of experience working for a patent attorney in Japan. He recently began his own independent patent research company.

Yutaka Tsuda

After learning about AOP while looking for online patent research work, Yutaka became a Researcher earlier this year. “I enjoy winning the Studies, and being appreciated by [AOP] and [AOP’s] clients,” Yutaka said. “In addition, I hate patent trolls very much and I like to fight against them.”

With a background in Electric Engineering and hands-on experience as a system engineer, Yutaka is well versed in engineering and has seen recent success on a number of engineering-related Studies. He even holds two Japanese patents!

When conducting his research, Yutaka focuses on a variety of patent and non-patent literature databases, specifically focused on Japanese language resources. He has had a number of exciting discoveries in his work as a patent researcher; his most memorable moment came when he was working for a Japanese patent attorney. “Our client was [involved] in a patent infringement case from a patent troll. I searched more than 15,000 patent publications and non-patent literature – and I [found] prior art!” Yutaka said. “I was very pleased that my client won the litigation [using the] prior art.”

Yutaka’s Top 3 Tips for Research:

1)  Divide requirement of the selected studies to constituent features and understand each of the constituent features completely.

2)  Decide the research range, [so that you avoid] noise and less…important documents

3)  Believe there is prior art


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