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Featured Researcher: IPTornado

This month’s Featured Researcher is IPTornado, a patent consultant from India!

As an Article One Researcher, IPTornado likes the fact that the study range “is a good mix of various engineering subjects,” and “like[s] to contribute to most of the studies.”

IPTornado generally utilizes resources such as Google Scholar, Espacenet, J-Platplat and others to find unique, high-quality references for submission.

“Prior art need not be published or filed in recent years,” said IPTornado, in regards to discoveries he has made during research.  “It can be decades old, and there are inventors who try incremental inventions based on them and sometimes get lucky during prosecution.”

IPTornado’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Read the priority elements carefully, and do not limit your research to given application areas.
  2. Try to maintain a good in-scope percentage, so you can submit 5 references.
  3. Focus on non-patent literature.

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