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Featured Researcher: Demetra

This month’s Featured Researcher is Demetra, an Epidemiologist/Biostatistician from Boston!

ResearcherDemetra has found that her skills in writing computer technical documentation and designing technical block diagrams have been useful when it comes to AOP Research.

She enjoys reading non-patent literature related to a patent, and discovering that, for some seemingly new patents, the prior art can date back more than 100 years. “It is fascinating to find an antique patent from the 19th century,” she said.

Demetra generally utilizes resources from the library in her quest for research.

One of Demetra’s recent discoveries while searching for prior art was seeing “that a functioning Tricorder from Star Trek has finally been created.”

Demetra’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep! You tend to make the biggest mistakes when you try to do studies while tired.
  2. Read the original study patent and, if possible, look at the background of the inventor to get a sense of how he or she looks at the world.
  3. Drawing a copy of any high level Block Diagrams in the study patent makes me think throughout the day about how the technology works.

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