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Featured Researcher – Christian H.


Christian H., this month’s Featured Researcher, resides in Munich, Germany. An entrepreneur, Christian applies his computer science expertise and extensive background in patents to his research work with Article One. According to Christian, he has “researched [and] read hundreds of patents related to prosecution of 12+ [of my] own patents and patent applications.”

Christian first discovered Article One while reading a news article related to the patent industry and decided to join the Researcher Community. Even as a beginner at Article One research, Christian took a creative approach to his research. “The first or second study I submitted to (and won jointly with 2 other researchers) reminded me of a feature in an ISDN phone that I had used myself back in the 1990s,” he explained. “I recovered the phone from the attic and tried out the feature myself.” It’s this kind of creative approach to research that has led Christian to such success on Article One; since joining AOP  in 2010, he has won numerous Studies and been named as an MVR on even more!

While he uses a number of different resources for his research, Christian usually focuses his attention on Google Scholar, Espacenet, and various product manuals to find his high-quality reference submissions. Overall, it’s challenging to “find the right balance between intuition and strategy” when researching. He notes that his favorite part of working with Article One is the “flexibility in terms of working hours and location” for conducting his research. In working with Article One, Christian has also learned that “probably two thirds of all patents should not have been granted for lack of novelty. Sometimes, prior art is overlooked due to misleading translations.”

For new Researchers, Christian offers three tips for conducting research to find high-quality submissions:

1)      Walk along the “citation tree” (citing, cited patents)

2)      Check for earlier publication dates of foreign counterparts

3)      Don’t spend more than 20 hours on a single Study


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