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Drink Coffee in Virtual Reality with Magic Leap’s Latest Patent

Magic Leap, a startup focusing on augmented/”mixed reality” headsets and the like, filed an updated patent application last Thursday. magicleappatent

Recode has reported that the company has filed similar augmented reality tech patents before, such as these contact lenses. But this latest one focuses on ” features that enable two or more people to share virtual and augmented content simultaneously,” according to Recode. An excerpt from the patent states that:

“aspects of one world pertinent to a user’s current actual or virtual location may be transferred or “passed” to the user and updated in an efficient fashion. Indeed, in one embodiment, with one person utilizing a virtual reality system (“VRS”) in an augmented reality mode and another person utilizing a VRS in a completely virtual mode to explore the same world local to the first person, the two users may experience one another in that world in various fashions. For example, referring to FIG. 12, a scenario similar to that described in reference to FIG. 11 is depicted, with the addition of a visualization of an avatar 2 of a second user who is flying through the depicted augmented reality world from a completely virtual reality scenario. In other words, the scene depicted in FIG. 12 may be experienced and displayed in augmented reality for the first person–with two augmented reality elements (the statue 1110 and the flying bumble bee avatar 2 of the second person) displayed in addition to actual physical elements around the local world in the scene, such as the ground, the buildings in the background, the statue platform 1120. Dynamic updating may be utilized to allow the first person to visualize progress of the second person’s avatar 2 as the avatar 2 flies through the world local to the first person.”

Aside from the viewing of another person’s avatar in the VR system, the patent also suggests that VR can be used to enhance everyday experiences such as ordering a coffee. “When the person receives the cup of coffee that he has ordered, or upon detection by the system of some other pertinent parameter, the system may be configured to display (10) one or more time-based augmented or virtual reality images, video, and/or sound in the local environment with the display device, such as a Madagascar jungle scene from the walls and ceilings, with or without jungle sounds and other effects, either static or dynamic.”

VR systems have been a trend in patents for some time now, but it will be interesting to see what makes the cut once products are fully developed.

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