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Article One Partners Releases ‘Spotlight’ for AOP Connect

Article One Partners, the world’s largest patent research community and pioneer in crowd-based prior art searching, is proud to announce the latest release of AOP Connect: Spotlight.AOP Connect Highlight view

Spotlight is a new highlighting tool that allows researchers to identify the precise text or images that apply to a given research requirement. It also allows clients to modify researchers’ highlights with their own highlighting.

“At AOP we are driven by our goal to continuously provide business-critical solutions to our Clients,” said AOP President Peter Vanderheyden. “This new ‘Spotlight’ tool was designed to make the research review process very efficient saving up to 80% in review time and thousands of dollars in review cost.”

Other capabilities of the new release include search features, a digital reader, and the ability to rank keywords. Spotlight is available on every new study as well as the AOP Private platform. For more information, the press release can be found here.

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  1. The new feature is very welcomed from the researcher’s end as well. Thanks for continuously improving things!

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