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Featured Researcher: Mohit S.

Photo mohitMohit S. is a student based in New Delhi, India.  He has a Bachelor’s of Technology in Electronics and Communication.  Mohit uses his technological knowhow and analytical skills gained in his education to help him succeed in Article One Studies.  He speaks both English and Hindi.  When asked what he enjoys most about being an Article One Researcher, he commented on the connection one gains to a worldwide group of researchers by participating. 


How did you first learn about Article One?

On LinkedIn forums.


What is the most challenging aspect of Article One Research?

Understanding the technology.


What online resources do you use in your research?

Google Patent, Google Scholar, USPTO database, USPTO Public PAIR, Scirus, Espacenet


Would you recommend researching with Article One to a friend or colleague?

I have recommended a few of my friends to join Article One.  It keeps me updated to the latest of the world of patents along with some interesting studies


What are your Top 3 Tips for being an AOP Researcher?

1. Develop a good sense of the technology involved in the study

2. Develop analytical and searching skills

3. Never give up


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