Leadership Team

Peter Vanderheyden


Peter Vanderheyden is Chief Executive Officer of Article One Partners where he brings over 30 years of experience across all business disciplines from finance to product management and entrepreneurial startups.  Prior to joining Article One, Mr. Vanderheyden was the vice president and Managing Director of LexisNexis’s Global IP Solutions business where he led a team that developed the world’s largest online patent database (TotalPatent) and patent quality assessment tool (PatentOptimizer). Mr. Vanderheyden also spearheaded the first truly semantic search engine for technical/patent content.

Mr. Vanderheyden enjoyed a successful career with IBM where he served a variety of roles including that of corporate entrepreneur. Mr. Vanderheyden raised venture funding and engineered the creation and spin out of Delphion from IBM in 2000, acting as GM and CEO, then as VP of International Ops, Sales and Business Development (Strategic Alliances).

Mr. Vanderheyden earned a BS in Business from the University of Minnesota with undergrad certification in math, science and engineering; and has taken executive level courses in the areas of team building, negotiations and formation of strategic alliances at Northwestern University and the University of Minnesota. Mr. Vanderheyden also has a US Patent to his credit.

Paul DiGiammarino

Executive Chairman

Paul DiGiammarino is a serial entrepreneur who brings a distinguished record of success to ipCreate. Paul has proven the importance of understanding client’s needs and working closely with them to define and deliver high value solutions.

As former President or CEO of Sapient, Steelpoint, Anaqua, and Article One Partners he established his ability to deliver an average of more than 10X return on investment to clients and investors through outstanding client service and rapid sales growth. A member of one of the IAM Top 300 IP Strategists, Paul has grown IP and Legal services companies to more than a quarter billion dollars in value since 2002. His client’s include 15 of the top 20 largest patent filers in the world. Mr. DiGiammarino holds a CPA and a BBA with concentration in Accounting and Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Tom Shambo

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Tom Shambo is the head of sales and marketing at Article One Partners where he brings over 20 years of executive leadership, revenue growth, team focus and shareholder value. Tom has been in the sales discipline for over 23 years with experience driving direct, indirect, channel and inside sales teams. Tom follows a process and methodology that aligns the different business owners and elevates the team to perform at a higher level.

Since 2002 Tom has focused his efforts in the legal services industry and has had success driving company and share holder value at the following companies: 2002 Steelpoint Technologies (sold to Zantaz in 2004), Zantaz (sold to Autonomy in 2007), Autonomy (sold to Hewlett Packard in 2011), RenewData (joined in 2012 and sold to LDiscovery in late 2014).

Eric Baer

Vice President, Product

With over fifteen years of web-based software development experience in roles ranging from software developer to product management, Mr. Baer is responsible for product development and technology at Article One Partners.

Prior to his work at Article One, Mr. Baer was Director, Product Management at PowerSteering Software. He served as the leader of the Lean Six Sigma product, a role in which he worked closely with leading enterprise clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Praxair, Seagate and United Airlines. Prior to his work at PowerSteering, Mr. Baer worked at Breakthrough Management Group, a leading Six Sigma training and consulting company. There he led the development of a market-leading web-based project portfolio management product later acquired by PowerSteering.

Mr. Baer holds a BA in Finance from the University of Iowa and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

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