With a focus on patent quality, Article One Partners helps clients make the best patent-related business decisions. From litigation to acquisitions, our clients access previously unavailable information through a global crowd of over 42,000 Researchers.

Since its founding in 2008, Article One Partners (AOP) LLC has become the world’s largest intellectual property research community.

By leveraging a growing crowd of over 42,000 researchers, AOP™ has revolutionized the transparency of IP-related data. Through crowdsourcing and other techniques, AOP provides clients with access to insightful information to help them make the best possible IP-related business decisions whether they are innovating, defending or monetizing their IP portfolios.

The company has paid their research community more than $7M for their skilled work at identifying patents, non-patent literature and non-textual content to inform IP decisions.  AOP helps 15 Fortune 100 companies and eight of the top ten US patent filers to improve their patent quality and strategic management of their IP across the IP life cycle.



Article One Partners ® supports some of the biggest names in Intellectual Property across the Globe