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Access more comprehensive and exhaustive prior art research.

"Article One adds a new dimension to prior art searching by making use of a community of experts around the world. Being a member for almost a year, we at Philips are already experiencing the benefits of the Article One approach, as the community of experts came up with relevant prior art that we did not identify by ourselves."
   - Ruud Peters, Former Executive VP & Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Philips IP&S

Access Prior Art

Interact with over 30,000 researchers.

Use our crowd to identify non-patent literature and non-English publications.

"Article One was very, very helpful for negotiations. They provided us with enough documents to challenge the validity of the patent and we settled without paying a penny for licenses."
     - Dr. Robert Klinski, Patentship Patent Law Firm, Germany

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Join the community, over $5,474,600 earned to date.


Rewarded to Date

Provide patent research to intellectual property leaders and get paid.

"I like that it is a high-return investment of my time, a few hours of research can potentially turn into thousands of dollars... AOP is a growing and productive community where interesting ideas are constantly flourishing and Researchers are an integral part of this dynamic."
     - Minerva R. (AOP Researcher engr009)

Our global network of researchers is rewarded for uncovering premier evidence.

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$4,500 Reward to Laker1

Brain Stimulation Promoting Slow Wave Activity

$4,500 Reward to rdwoods

DNA Amplification

“We have chosen to expand our prior art capabilities with Article One Partners and their global community of researchers. Our partnership with Article One enables Sony to identify highly relevant prior art to help defend against an increasing number of low-quality patent assertions.”

—Fumihiko Moriya, VP, Senior Manager IP Alliance & Licensing Department, Sony Corporation

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