Becoming a Researcher at Article One is a rewarding experience. To date, we have paid out $8,694,663 to hundreds of Researchers across the globe who have been successful in our research opportunities.

Becoming a Researcher at Article One Partners (AOP) is a rewarding experience.  Since our founding in 2008, AOP has paid out more than $8,000,000 to thousands of Researchers across the globe who have been successful in participating in our research opportunities.  In 2017, *NEW* Researchers made more than $40,000 by participating in the Public and Invitation Only Studies of AOP.

Our Researchers have the chance to earn across a variety of both public and private patent research opportunities.

Earn Rewards

Each Public Study on our site offers a substantial monetary payment to the Researcher who provides the best submission. Choose Studies that maximize your education, experience and expertise.  Compete with other Researchers for the Study Rewards.

Receive Payments

In addition to the big reward for the Study Winner, other Researchers may also earn payments for their high-quality submissions to a Public Study. You may easily accumulate payments for submitting multiple submissions that closely match the requirements of the Study

Get Guaranteed Compensation

Become a member of the Study Expert Program.  Researchers who demonstrate their subject matter expertise may be invited to participate in Invitation Only Studies. Invited Researchers may earn contest-based and/or guaranteed payments in these Studies.

Researchers with specific expertise, education, work history, etc. are being sought out by our clients for special projects.  AOP created TALENTSOURCE to connect our Researchers with our clients.  Researchers may earn guaranteed payments in these exclusive research projects.

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  1. Choose a Study that suits your background, interests and availability.
  2. Perform the required research and make at least one submission that matches the requirements of the Study.
  3. Collect your Reward if your submission is selected as one of the top responses when the Study is closed.

To be eligible for Invitation Only Studies, you need to be a member of the Study Expert Program.  By taking a few moments to complete your profile and fill out the required fields,  the Apply button will be enabled on your profile.  Simply click to apply.  Then, once you have participated in a few studies, we’ll review your standing and make a decision on your acceptance as an Expert in the Study Expert Program.  For clarification, acceptance in the Program allows us to invite you to participate in the Invitation Only Studies.  If you’re not an accepted Study Expert, you aren’t eligible to receive an invitation.

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