Map and Track Your Clients’ Patents and Prior Art

AOP Connect™

When your clients rely on you to manage their patent portfolio, you want to provide the best service possible. Yet, mapping and tracking their patents and helping them generate revenue can be challenging due to the sheer number of patents, various product lines, complex agreements and global reach. If you do not have a powerful organization system that gives you the information you need to be strategic, you could be missing out on revenue for your clients – and missing the opportunity to build greater client loyalty.

AOP Connect is a powerful web-based solution that allows you to read, rank, spotlight and search all of your clients’ patents and prior art so you can map, track and locate the information you need when you need it. Utilizing AOP Connect along with AOP’s research solutions, surveys, patent intelligence and mapping tools, you will be able to develop more effective strategies, identify new licensing and patent acquisition opportunities and help your clients generate more revenue.

Advantages Gained:

Better Organization


Better Organization

Understand your clients’ patent portfolio
more thoroughly and gather the information
you need to develop more strategic patent

Generate More Revenue for Your Clients


Generate More Revenue for Your Clients

Leverage AOP’s crowd and expert
researchers to identify the most viable
patents for licensing

Enhance Your Negotiating Position


Enhance Your Negotiating

Drive Revenue and Increase the ROI of Your Patent Portfolio

Map Directly to a Patent Claim


Map Directly to a
Patent Claim

Utilize our crowd to map standards or
product literature directly to a patent claim

Uncover Business Intelligence


Uncover Business Intelligence

Use the crowd to uncover business
intelligence to help develop your clients’
patent strategy and keep them one step
ahead of the competition

Build Loyalty


Build Loyalty

Improve your clients’ bottom line and
build strong loyalty